Butter and Ghee Processing Plant

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We make handle lines for Butter & Ghee arrangement as per advanced robotized forms. Our prepare lines are appropriate for fabricating both Table & White butter additionally for fabricating ghee from white butter as well as cream.

We Manufacture Butter & Ghee processing plant which comprise of the following equipment's: -

  • Cream Separator
  • Cream Capacity / Maturing Tanks
  • Exchange Pumps
  • Butter Churn
  • Butter Trolley
  • Butter Extruder
  • Butter Dissolving Vats
  • Pre Stratification Tank
  • Ghee Evaporator
  • Ghee Settling Tank
  • Ghee Clarifier
  • Ghee Capacity Tank
  • Ghee Pocket Filling Machine
  • Ghee Tin Filling Machine & 1, 2, 5, 15 kg
  • Ghee Jostle Filling Machine 200/ 500/ 1000 grams


Ghee is predominant within the South Asian countries, not fair for nourishment reason, it is utilized in numerous regions such as beauty care products, solutions, and standard devout ceremonies. In expansion, ghee is really known as clarified or filtered butter. In addition, the quality of ghee depends on the quality of butter or the source of drain.

This ghee processing equipment is utilized to change over drain from one state to another. It is used to change over the drain from fluid to strong or semi-solid state. The machine comes with different capacity capacities and the comparing cost.

We offer high profitability Butter and Ghee Processing Plant for extraction of ghee from drain. This entirety strategy joins partition, filtration, clarification, softening and dissolving of butter. After this cooling prepare is performed in arrange to pack the ghee in boxes.

Features of our Ghee Plants

  • Milk pasteurized and standardized
  • Melting and clarification
  • Remove impurities or sediments
  • Quality control
  • Low cost
  • High quality

Butter & Ghee Processing Plant Parts

Our ghee plant includes the following mentioned units: -

  • Butter Softening unit
  • Butter Oil Exchange Pump
  • Pre stratification Tank
  • Exchange Pump
  • Ghee Evaporator
  • Ghee Adjust Tank With Channel
  • Ghee Settling Tank
  • Ghee Clarifier
  • Ghee Capacity Tank
  • Ghee Pressing Framework

Ghee plant Setup

If you have got a huge dairy cultivate at that point you must go for huge scale ghee fabricating plant. Besides, on the off chance that you are having a short scale ghee plant then, you ought to settle the ghee manufacturing plant in a secured space.

In expansion, you have got to choose the area carefully where you really need to set ghee draining plant.

  • 1. What is ghee plant?
    A ghee plant refers to a facility or production unit where ghee, a type of clarified butter, is manufactured. Ghee is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine and has been used for centuries.
  • 2. How ghee is extracted from milk?
    To extract ghee from milk, the milk is first heated and boiled until all the water content evaporates, and a thick milk solid residue is left behind. This residue is then further heated over a low flame until it turns into a golden liquid, which is ghee.
  • 3. What is the difference between clarified butter & ghee?
    The main difference between clarified butter and ghee lies in the production process and the final product's characteristics. While both are made by separating the milk solids from butter, the process of making ghee involves cooking the butter for a longer time period until the milk solids begin to caramelize, giving ghee a distinct nutty flavor.

    In terms of texture, ghee is typically smoother and has a more consistent composition compared to clarified butter. Additionally, ghee has a higher smoke point than clarified butter, making

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