Road Milk Tanker

Other than having an able group of experts, we have an ultra-modern infrastructural unit with the leading manufacturing unit. Our aim is to achieve client fulfilment by giving them commendable items at competitive costs. Our tankers are accessible totally different capacities as per client prerequisites. We keep up all quality parameters as per quality guidelines.

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Road Milk Tanker Price

Road Milk Tanker Cost With marvelous specialization in this space, we offer a subjective extend of Street Drain Tanker which is made from predominant review stainless steel metal.

Our Drain Tanker manufacturers comprise of CIP splashes and step at the back of the tank. The advertised drain tankers are developed in a way that ensures spill confirmation capacity with maintenance of the temperature interior the tanker. Our tankers are solid in built and are free from all sorts of contaminants.

Product Details

Product Name Road Milk Tanker
Capacity Range 300 Ltr to 20,000 Ltr
Insulation PUF Insulation Tank
Tank Temperature 4-6 Degree C
Mount Truck, Champion, Small Vehicle (As per client requirements)
Finishing The inner tank of polish finish
Special Feature Glass View at Manhole

Features Of Road Milk Tanker

  • Stainless Steel Milk Tankers are of twofold divider development with 100mm PUF Separator between the inward tank and the external tank.
  • The internal tank will have tall degree of clean wrap up for Drain capacity and transportation.
  • The tank will be curved in shape with single or multi compartment development.
  • Each compartment will have free sewer vent get together, total with sewer vent top, Weight vacuum alleviation valve, discuss vent and CIP cleaning course of action. The sewer vent might be furthermore secured with a Stainless Steel tidy cover.
  • The milk release from the tank will be at the foot through a release glass, pipe line and butterfly valves. Valve box will be found at the raise stage.
  • The tank will be having stepping stool, catwalk, and side assurance rail and side assurance channels.
  • The tank raise might be given with an Evading and a stage course of action. CIP cleaning course of action will be given for standard water cleaning and support of the tank.
  • Our road milk tanker can be provided with single/double/triple compartments and capacity within the extend of 4000L to 21000L based on the chassis chosen.


  • 1. What is stainless steel road milk tanker?
    A stainless steel road milk tanker is a specialized vehicle designed for transporting milk. It is constructed using stainless steel material to ensure hygiene, durability, and corrosion resistance. These tankers have a capacity ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of liters to accommodate the large quantities of milk that need to be transported safely.
  • 2. How milk is stored?
    Milk is stored in these tankers by following strict quality and safety standards. The tanker is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each use to maintain the purity of the milk. Once the tank is ready, the milk is carefully loaded into it, taking precautions to prevent contamination. The tanker's temperature is also regulated to maintain the milk's freshness and prevent spoilage.
  • 3. How to know if a milk tank is full?
    To determine if a milk tank is full, there are various indicators. One common method is to use a float valve or level sensor. These devices monitor the milk level inside the tank and provide a clear indication when it reaches its maximum capacity. This ensures that the tank does not overflow and that transportation can proceed without any risk of spillage. Additionally, many modern milk tankers are equipped with digital displays or gauges on the outside, allowing operators to monitor the filling level at glance and accurately determine when the tank is full.

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