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To meet your dairy preparing needs, Shripad Equipments specializes as the Manufacturers, Suppliers, exporters of Milk Silo in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. Bigger silos up to hundreds of thousands of gallons can be built on-site by our trusted manufacturers. Our vertical silos come with an assortment of standard highlights but can be customized with a run of discretionary highlights to meet your special needs.

We are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Milk Silo, Stainless Steel Milk Silo, SS Milk Silo, Industrial Milk Silo, Milk Storage Tank, Milk Storage Tank and Silo from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi and we provide this as per requirement.

As a Milk Silo Manufacturers in Chennai, we offer milk silo of different Storage capacities for milk. We are made as per client’s requirement and we ensure that the silo merged well with the existing unit. The silo is made in stainless steel (SS) and mild steel (MS) material. We ensure to quality check as per requirement the silo before dispatching.

Our Milk storehouse combines quick cooling with exceptionally moove vitality utilization through cooling plates that are introduced within the lower portion of the tank. To produce indeed more cooling capacity, the drain storehouse is accessible with a side evaporator. Our silos are accessible with capacities from 12,000 to 60,000 liters.


  • Prepared with a settled stainless steel recess with a stainless steel foot and built-in hardware equipment.
  • 3½" (DN80) drain outlet with 2½" butterfly valve and cap.
  • Secured in stainless steel, with the instigator engine mounted at the top.
  • Oval sewer vent within the stainless steel alcove.
  • Secure ventilation of the storehouse within the niche.
  • Clad with aluminum sheet heap profile cladding and coating that can withstand adverse conditions.

Applications & Uses

  • Crude Drain Getting and Handling- It is frequently the primary vital step at your dairy office, we are able make it a consistent prepare toward your victory.
  • Yogurt Capacity and Preparing- From the crude drain accepting, to the fat division and the aging, we get it each portion of your yogurt commerce.
  • Cream Storage and Preparing- It is thicker, it gets handles in an unexpected way than drain. We are able bring the proper temperatures and disturbance to your cream handling framework.
  • Whey Capacity and Preparing- A by-product made beneficial. Our whey storage tanks and crystallizers offer most extreme proficiency in warming, cooling, and agitation.
  • Cheese Fixing Capacity and Handling- Ensuring your stock all through each portion of the method.
  • 1. What is milk cooling silo?
    A milk silo is a storage facility specifically designed to store and cool fresh milk. It is an essential component of any dairy farm or milk processing plant. The main purpose of a milk cooling silo is to properly store the milk while maintaining its temperature at a low level, ensuring its freshness and quality are preserved.
  • 2. How does a milk silo work?
    The operation of a milk silo involves several key components and processes. First, the fresh milk is collected from the cows or brought in from milk trucks and poured into the silo. The silo is usually a large, insulated tank made of stainless steel, which helps to regulate and maintain the temperature of the milk.

    Inside the silo, the milk is constantly agitated by mechanical stirring or air injection systems. This agitation helps to eliminate any temperature stratification and ensures that the milk is uniformly cooled. Additionally, the stirring or air injection also prevents the formation of cream or separation of milk components, thus maintaining the homogeneity of the milk.

    To keep the milk cool, a milk cooling silo is equipped with a refrigeration system. This system consists of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. The refrigeration system works by removing heat from the milk, thereby lowering its temperature. The milk passes through the evaporator where it absorbs heat, which is then transferred to the condenser and released into the surrounding environment.
  • 3. Why milk silo is important?
    Milk cooling silo plays a crucial role in the dairy industry by ensuring that fresh milk is stored and cooled properly. By maintaining a low temperature, the silo helps to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, extend the shelf life of milk, and preserve its nutritional value.

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