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Shripad Equipments is the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Chach Processing Plant in Chennai, Chach Making Plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. These state-of-the-art plants are designed and built using the latest technology and are engineered to deliver exceptional performance with unmatched efficiency.

We are Chach Processing Plant Manufacturers in Chennai which is also known as Chach Butter Milk Plant, Chach Making Plant.

Our Chach Processing/ Chach Making Plants are ideal for small as well as large-scale milk processing units. These plants come with a range of features that make them easy to operate and maintain. Some of the key features are: -

  • Automatic temperature control
  • High-speed mixer
  • Digital display, and
  • User-friendly interface

At Shripad Equipments, we take pride in delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to our clients at affordable rates.

Applications & Uses

  • Our Chach machine has multiple applications. These can be used to process and produce buttermilk, yogurt, and other dairy products.
  • Our chach making plants are highly effective in removing impurities, achieving the desired consistency and quality of the final product. These are also known for their reliability and durability, enabling them to operate continuously without any breakdowns or downtime.
  • These Chach Processing equipments are an indispensable asset in the dairy industry, allowing manufacturers to increase their production capacity and meet customer demands with ease.

What is Chach Processing plant?

A chach processing plant is a chach making machine that grinds raw materials into cards. Mix water and air to form a doughy mass. The doughy mixture is then fed into the machine and ground again to create the final product.

Our Chach Processing equipment can crush materials faster than traditional mills, making it more efficient than other methods such as ball mills and jaw crushers.


Our Chach Processing Plant Manufacturers combine the process and technology to produce quality products offers the following advantages:

  • Quality product
  • Low cost
  • Sustainable development
  • Easy to install


  • 1. Where chach processing plant is used?
    A chach processing plant is typically used in industries involved in the production of dairy products. These plants usually utilize various techniques such as pasteurization, homogenization, and fermentation to ensure the product meets quality and safety standards.
  • 2. How chach is obtained?
    Chach, also known as buttermilk, is a byproduct of the butter-making process. It is obtained by churning cultured cream or fermented milk until the butter separates from the liquid portion. This liquid, which is chach, is then further processed in a chach processing plant to increase its shelf life and enhance its taste and texture.

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